Tips & Tools Towards Success

All students will need the following materials in order to make home schooling successful and to keep your student well organized.

Notebooks are CRITICAL for organization purposes.

Please purchase notebooks that have perforated sheets:

- 1 notebook for Vocabulary words and Writing Terms
- 1 notebook for English "Essential Questions," notes, assignments and projects
- 1 note book for History "Essential Questions," notes, assignments and projects
- 1 notebook for Science "Essential Questions,"notes, assignments and projects
- 1 notebook for Mathematics
- Planner
- Binder with loose-leaf paper and section dividers
- Plenty of pencils and pens of various colors (black and blue for note taking, red, or purple for editing or marking-up papers)

Large 3 inch binder divided into 6 sections, or two binders divided into 3 sections.

In front of your binder place your current attendance ledger, and your copy of your semester plan, your planner book, then English/Grammar, Math, Social Studies, Science, and electives; PE, Health, Fine Arts, etc. Keep all syllabi, course descriptions and course contracts. These will be part of your semester end portfolio.

You are responsible to bring in your planner book and binders each month to your supervising teachers for review. You and your teacher will decide what work samples will be accepted. Organizing your subjects by sections make this task easy!

Is your home study area set-up?
Now is the time to take a look at your study center. Is it clean, do you have all the school tools you will need such as pencils, pens, binder paper, extra notebooks, vocabulary notebook, math notebook, journal book, sketch pads, calculator, wall calendar, colored pencils, erasers, a computer, a white board?

Why a white board?
To assist you in getting organized, I stress the importance of a white board to be placed in view of where you sit and do your school work. Your white board serves two purposes; one as a projection of your week and as a guide towards progressing through the week. In other words, it helps keep you on track. I suggest you mock-up a Monday-Friday calendar, with each Monday as your "secretarial" days where you will write in each day your goals for the week. Once you have accomplished your goals, you write them into your planner and your Learning Coach (parent/guardian) can erase those tasks you completed off the board. Remember you need to be accountable for a minimum of 4+ hours each day of core academic studies. Visuals are a terrific way to stay focused and on task!