Test Dates & Information


CSU: ACT or SAT-Reasoning      

UC:   ACT plus Writing OR SAT-Reasoning AND (RECOMMENDED but not required) 2 SAT Subject Tests in 2 different subject areas:  history, science, literature, language other than English or Math II (especially for engineering majors)

SAT Reasoning/Subject Tests               Registration Priority Deadline

For SATs register online at www.collegeboard.com


ACT Dates                                               Registration Priority Deadline

For ACTs register online at  www.actstudent.org


  • All SAT/ACT:tests must be completed by December for UC, CSU, & most other college admissions. 

  • PSAT: for sophomores & juniors is October 17 8am-12pm in MU & Library; registration is Oct. 4th -Oct. 12th

  • SAT II tests no longer required, but are recommended for college admissions.

  • Free SAT/ACT test prep: testprep.cavhs.org, www.number2.com, www.proprofs.com/sat, www.ineedapencil.com, http://www.domesatreview.com/