CRHS employs a wide range of educational technology. Students enjoy a fully blended “in person” and “online curriculum”, and are provided a computer for use at school. Teachers use a wide range of educational technologies and techniques. Students are taught to be digital citizens, to manage and store electronic documents, and to interface effectively in a cyber-classroom environment. CRHS has integrated many of the common adaptive technologies into the daily routine.

Although students are provided a computer for school use, some students may benefit from personalized adaptive technology. Families are responsible for providing additional adaptive technologies and must have them pre-approved and vetted in advance. We strongly encourage this practice use, and willingly collaborate with the student’s educational therapist to personalize adaptive technology at CRHS.


• On-line classroom (UC Scout, Schoology, Moodle, Google Classroom, etc.)

• Data management (Google Drive tools, Powerschool)

• Personal organization and executive functioning (CRHS Website Calendar, Google docs)

• Speech to text (iPhone and Dragon)

• Note taking (cameras, typed notes)

• Using phones, tablets or computers to photograph, record or videotape lectures or to take notes.

• eBooks, audio books, MP3s and other alternative media to support reading and content

• Graphic organizers, charts and pre-prepared notes

• Teachers pre-share notes and assignments posted on Power School

• Content specific software or applications used in class or by a class. For example; Pearson

• Math, Geogebra, PPT, Chemistry Website, YouTube and etc.

• Khan Academy Tutorials

• ALEKS math support and Intro to Statistics Course

• Parent alerts and automated text messages (from the SLVUSD District Superintendent)

• On-going health, behavior and attendance logs (accessible to parents)

• Type-able handouts and graphic organizers

• 24/7 on-line access to grades, course-work and schedules

• Student Digital Data storage (Google Docs)

• Student Google Sites and Google Drive

• Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software

• LCD projectors in every classroom


Students at CRHS are encouraged to use any and all adaptive and assistive technologies to support their learning and to best demonstrate what they know and can do. All technology is to be used solely for educational purposes. Students who are authorized to use outside adaptive technology devices must install a “school only” panel. Misuse of technology will result in retraining. Persistent misuse will prompt a meeting to determine appropriate limits to technology. Adaptive technologies that may support a student are usually discussed in the initial placement meeting and consultation but can be added at any time they may be beneficial.

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Computers are an integral part of our curriculum at Coast Redwood High School. We provide students with Chromebooks, internet access, and a limited source presentation software.

FOR CLASS USE ONLY. Use of laptops is a privilege, not a right. If any staff member determines these devices to be disruptive during school hours, or are being used inappropriately at any time, CRHS reserves the right to restrict use for the rest of the class day, or longer, if necessary. Families are responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of lost, or damaged computers and software.

• Students have on-line access to their classes and files.

• Students require access to the internet and a computer at home.

• Students use computers for a variety of class related activities including word

 processing, internet research, flash animation, and PowerPoint presentations.

• CRHS computers are to be used for class and homework purposes only.

• Personal video games and social media are strictly prohibited on school computers and

 on personal adaptive technology devices.

• Students who use unauthorized social media or video games will lose access.

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We encourage students to bring cell phones or personal electronic devices (PEDs) to school, as educational tools.

The CRHS staff closely monitors a student’s use in the classroom and will direct students to use a computer or other PED rather than their cell phone. CRHS is not responsible for (and will not recover) stolen or lost personal electronic devices.

CRHS High School understands the need for alternate note-taking and essay-writing methods for some students. Use of Pads may be appropriate with a pass from CRHS staff, and during lunch. The school provides telephones and computers for student use at school.

SLVUSD Charter School defines cyberbullying as any message (electronic, voice or image) that interferes with the positive educational environment at CRHS.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

• mean or public text messages

• posting embarrassing or shaming images

• use of foul or non-academic language

• hacking other accounts, altering documents

• sharing secrets on-line.

Students who are victims or witnesses of cyberbullying are directed to:

• Do not respond (this will make things worse, and you might get in trouble too)

• Save the message, and print it if possible. Do not show or forward other students.

• Show the message to your parent or CRHS Staff.

SLVUSD Charter School reserves the right to investigate all acts of cyberbullying in any of the programs regardless of when it happens. CRHS emphasizes restorative justice and will attempt to re-educate students that make mistakes. Students who participate in extreme or multiple acts of cyberbullying will be immediately banned from all technology use until appropriate limits
and consequences are determined.

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For safety reasons, the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Steam, etc. and personal video games are not allowed at school. However, teachers may assign students to use specific video games and social media for educational purposes.

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• Students must turn in cell phones and PEDs at the designated “holding” desk upon arrival in the classroom.

• Students can “sign out” their phones and PEDs with a pass from staff and during break and lunch.

• Students are expected to “check in” phones and PEDs immediately after use and at the end of lunch. Failure to do so will lead to limited technology use or confiscation.

• Phones and personal electronic devices found on students in unauthorized situations will be confiscated for the remainder of the day and returned only to a custodial parent.

• Resistance to or violation of these policies will prompt a meeting to discuss appropriate technology limits and consequences.

Parents should always contact their children through the school phone (831) 335-0909