CRHS Graduation & High School Diploma Requirements

The required courses and curriculum accord with the California State Frameworks and Content Standards and meet the criteria of the CA Education Code, Section 51225.3 and SLVUSD Board Policy (6146.1).

- World History10 Credits (1 Year)
- U.S. History 10 Credits (1 Year)
- U.S. Government 5 Credits (1 Semester)
- Economics 5 Credits (1 Semester)


40 Credits 
- English 910 Credits (1 Year)
- English 1010 Credits (1 Year)
- English 1110 Credits (1 Year)
- English 12 10 Credits (1 Year)


30 Credits
Must take 3 different math courses - (Including, at minimum,
Math 1/ Algebra 1. 
**UC/State University require Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 or
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
30 Credits (3 Years)
SCIENCE30 Credits  
- Biological Science10 Credits (1 Year)
- Physical Science10 Credits (1 Year)
- 3rd Year Science10 Credits (1 Year)

UC/State University require 2+ years of the same language
An extra year of a VAPA (a-g) course may be substituted to meet the world language graduation requirement

10+ Credits
10 credits must be fine arts  
10 credits may be from fine art or practical art and/or world language
10 Credits 
PHYSICAL EDUCATION20 Credits (2 Years)
- Physical Education 1 10 Credits (1 Year)
- Physical Education 2 or Sports PE10 Credits (1 Year)

10 Credits 

60 Credits
TOTAL230 Credits

  • Students must also pass Math 1 or its equivalent in order to earn a high school diploma. – Contact your guidance counselor for specific information.
  • Eligibility for participation in Athletic sports and before and after school Drama/Theater requires a 2.0 GPA and no F’s.
  • Incomplete grades will automatically change to “F’s” after 10 school days.
  • Report cards and transcripts will be held for any fees owed to Coast Redwood High School and/or San Lorenzo Valley High School or any other high school in California. Fees/Fines may only be cleared through the person to whom the fee/fine is due. The Registrar can only remove the fee from the computer and issue a report card upon the student/parent presenting written proof of payment.
  • Changing classes: Students have the opportunity to request changes before each semester and up to 20 school days into the semester (although this length of time can be detrimental to one’s success in a class). 
  • Participation in before and after school sports teams earns elective credit. Two years on non-elective Physical Education must be completed as well.


Grading Scale
Grades are based on a 4.0 scale with a semester grade of “A” earning 4.0; grade of “B” earning a 3.0; grade of “C” earning a 2.0; grade of “D” earning a 1.0; grade of “F” earning 0 or an NM
Weighted Grades
Students who transfer from other high schools with credit in IB, AP and certain college courses will receive a 1 point GPA increase for grades of A, B, or C. Grades D and F stand as earned.
Students enrolled in a college course who earn college credit will receive a 1 point GPA increase as described above.
Letter grades on transcripts shall remain the same, but the numerical value for GPA will be increased by one point.

UC "a-g" Courses

Read about the UC "a-g" Subject Area Requirements: UC Admissions/Freshman.

Prepare for UC application on the UC Admissions Counseling Resources page. 

Track courses, grades, exams, and activities. Write down the courses and exams you take and the grades and scores you receive each year. Also, record leadership activities, employment, awards, and anything you will later use in your college application and personal statement.

The UC (University of California) and CSU (California State University) systems authorized the following Coast Redwood High School courses to meet their content standards for minimum eligibility towards admission:
  • History / Social Science (a) - World History, U.S. History, Government, and Geography
  • English (b) - English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, and other English courses as approved
  • Mathematics (c) - Math I, Math II, Math III
  • Science (d) - Life Science, Physical, Science, Physics, Integrated Science, and Marine Science
  • World Language (e) - Spanish 1, 2
  • Visual & Performing Arts (f) - Choir, Dance 1, Drama, Drawing and Painting, Introduction to Visual Studies, Music Theater 1, Photography, Studio Art 1
  • College Preparatory Elective (g) - Economics

College Credit
  • Cabrillo College tuition is waived for up to 11 credits for dually enrolled students.
  • Students will be expected to provide their own texts and supplies for community college courses.
  • Upon completion of a college course, students will submit transcripts from the college for addition to the high school transcript.