School-Wide Outcomes & Monthly Reflection

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The emphasis is consistent and year-long. Rather than a specific curricular focus for a short period of time, these skills are processed and applied to all we do. It builds a supportive environment where students feel safe and willing to share and take risks academically. Building self-confidence and courage at this age is one of our primary goals. Coast Redwood High School students take a risk in joining the program by doing something different from their peers. It takes courage on their part and support from all of us to nurture that decision into the strength it shows later in life. We are very proud of the accomplishments our students have made.


Through the process of self-reflection and daily interactions, students will develop in body, mind and spirit. 

Demonstrate on a daily basis the lifelong guidelines of Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Active Listening, Nurturing, Environment and Personal Best efforts.

Personal Best efforts include:
Organization, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Responsibility, Effort, Integrity, Common Sense, Cooperation, Patience, Sense of Humor, Caring, Curiosity, Courage, Friendship, Initiative, Pride, Resourcefulness, Joie de Vivre


    •    Practices active and reflective listening skills
    •    Clearly articulates thoughts and feelings in written and spoken forms
    •    Demonstrates sensitivity to nuance and body language
    •    Uses communication media appropriately and effectively
    •    Exhibits willingness to suspend judgments and expectations

    •    Develop personal identity within family, school, community, and the greater world.
    •    Understand, practice, and serve as an engaged citizen in relation to all spheres of influence.
    •    Practice appreciation and respect of basic human rights and diverse cultures, beliefs and ideas.
    •    Do no harm; recognize that individual rights have social and environmental responsibilities and consequences.

Critical and Creative Thinking
    •    Identify, understand, and utilize one's own and others' learning styles.
    •    Exhibit competency in identifying, finding and using appropriate resources.
    •    Demonstrate and apply higher order thinking skills such as creating, synthesis, and reflection.
    •    Demonstrate curiosity through questioning and investigating.