Special Education and Section 504

The San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Special Education Department manages all paperwork related to the evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of special education services. Students who meet the criteria for special education have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The Special Education Department also works in conjunction with Supervising Teacher staff members to offer accommodation ideas and recommend referrals to special education assessment when merited. These students typically need classroom and testing  accommodations and/or modifications as well as direct instruction from a certificated and/or licensed Resource Specialist. 

Independent study needs to be determined as an appropriate placement by an IEP team and must be written into the IEP by the "sending" school, Resource Teacher and SPED Director/Administration. If you have questions regarding the special education process, you may contact the SLVUSD Special Education Department at (831) 336-9678 x107

Section 504 Accommodations plans are managed by the Supervising Teacher(s) and Charter Administration. These plans are available to students who have documented disabilities and need classroom and testing accommodations. There are no direct services available through Section 504 Plans. Refer your questions to your Supervising Teacher.