SLV Athletics

SLVUSD Charter 25 School agreement with the athletic organizations to include; the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League, Central Coast Section, and the California Interscholastic Federation enables our charter high school students to try-out and compete on SLV athletic teams. 

Athletic and Co­Curricular Eligibility: 
All students who wish to participate in co­curricular activities need to be eligible in order to participate in games and/or performances. Students’ eligibility will be determined at the end of each grading period and effective the following several days on the date specified by SLV administration. 

The Supervising/Guidance teachers work with their students, encouraging them to work hard in school and to keep open communication regarding grades and GPA at all times. We value the athletic and theater/club experiences, as well as work experience, yet we hold academic success and balance, as top priorities for our students.

Just as every student-athlete who attends SLV High School, our charter school students are held to the highest degree of integrity, code of conduct, sportsmanship, and eligibility. 

Eligibility policies require our CRHS students to:
1.  Make adequate monthly academic progress as evidenced by on-time submission of monthly attendance and completed assignments for the time period noted on the assignment and attendance ledger. A student becomes Ineligible if his/her monthly attendance and assignments for the time period is 30 days late. 

2. Hold grades above a D, no current or prior F's and a (2.0 GPA) in order to meet minimum grade eligibility requirements.

NCAA Eligibility Requirements: 
The NCAA has established a central clearinghouse to certify athletes’ eligibility for Divisions I and II colleges. If a student intends to participate in athletics at Division I or II school as a freshman in college, the student must be registered with and be certified as eligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students should register with NCAA after their junior year grades appear on their transcript. Although you can register anytime before participation, if you register late you may face delays that will prevent you from practicing and competing. Registration should be completed by following the directions on the website:

NAIA Eligibility Requirements: 
Students who wish to participate in collegiate athletics at an NAIA institution will need to be certified by the NAIA Eligibility Center to qualify academically and be cleared as an eligible student­ athlete for 9 competition.
Registration should be completed by following the directions on the website: Students can register during their junior or senior year in high school.


To play sports on any SLV High School team, students must fill out the following forms. Directions are on the forms. Please notify your Supervising Teacher if you are participating in sports so your academic schedule reflects Team Sports.

Print and return all Athletic Participation Forms below for each sport
(minus the physical and medical consent unless notified to do so by the coach).


One sports athlete? Click HERE

Parent & teen responsibilities:
Check the SLV High School and CRHS Weekly Bulletin and calendar
for athletic announcements including try-out dates, in addition to checking the SLV Athletic page weekly for announcements, schedules, calendars, and contact information.


Did you know that nearly 1 out every 5 students in the charter participate in at least one athletic program? Did you know that SLV is the only district in Santa Cruz County that is a NO PAY TO PLAY in sports due to the Booster and District Office support and cooperation?

How does SLV School District pay for sports?

The District Office, Athletic Boosters, and Individual Team Sports ASB accounts pay for the SLV High School athletic program.

What do the Boosters pay for?

  • Team Uniforms  

  • Sports Equipment

  • Conference fees                                                 

  • Sports Facility Repair and  Improvements

  • Team Awards


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