Presentation Tools


This is where you start if your assignment requires a presentation, rather than an essay paper.
Most of these apps are free and very easy to use. No need to be a "designer."

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The ultimate key is simplicity. All you need is to drag, drop and voilà!  Informative yet stunning visuals can be created with just a few clicks.

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We are moving away from this type of presentation format, but if you still wish to use powerpoint, there are tips on ways to make it shine.

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Impress with elegant design, free presentation software, stunning templates, quick and easy, an embed videos.

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Prezi is the zooming presentation tool that makes you a more engaging presenter.
Present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone. Always have the latest version of your work wherever you are. Edit on the go and sync across all your devices.

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Kizoa is a tool for creating photo and video slideshows and collages. The different image editors allow you to add filters and special effects to photos and videos. You also have the ability to add music to enhance the presentation.

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Infographics are popping up everywhere. They are a great way to get a message across by visualizing data rather than bombarding a reader with vast amounts of text. The same principles apply to presenting and this makes Infographics a fantastic way to convey your data without putting the room to sleep.



Create slideshows set to music with Animoto. Animoto offers a free version for educators so that your students can put pictures and text together. Once they have their content in place, they choose a song from Animoto’s song library and everything is mashed together into a cool, engaging video presentation.

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Art Skills is known for its art supply products, but it also offers a free online poster maker.  Use the poster maker to create posters that stand out.  Included with the poster maker are digital versions of many of Art Skills actual poster making products.  When finished, share your poster online, download and print it or buy a professionally printed copy.

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Make online posters with Glogster. You can choose the free version or purchase a subscription for more features.  Students can then create posters, called glogs, that include images, videos, audio and other interactive elements to help present their information.

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Create interactive charts and infographics

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A presentation does not necessarily need to be slides or strictly use presentation software. In fact presenting your content in new and interesting ways is one of the best methods to maintain your audiences attention.

Tiki-Toki is a relatively new web app for creating beautiful interactive timelines. A timeline is a great way to present data visually and will help students understand perspective and put information into chronological sequence.

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Instead of a slideshow or poster, how about a scrapbook? Mixbook allows you to create digital scrapbooks. With the applications wide selection of backgrounds, templates and pictures, you can create a professional-looking scrapbook.  While you have the option of printing the scrapbook, you can also simply share it and view it online.

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Turn a research project or autobiography into a museum exhibit with Museum Box. Upload pictures, videos and audio files and add descriptions to create your own mini exhibit on any topic. Viewers can then travel through the museum gallery to view all that you have included in your exhibit.Click  HERE    


VoiceThread makes slideshows audible and interactive. A slideshow is created with video, images and documents.  Users or the slideshow’s creator then enhance the slideshow by leaving audio comments or by doodling on the slides.

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With Empressr, you can tell stories and create presentations online. Use the drag and drop search to find audio files, videos and pictures to add to the presentation. Add charts, tables and other information. The finished product is an impressive Flash presentation that can be shared online.

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