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Portfolio's are an integral form of authentic assessment at Coast Redwood High School. Students in grades 9-12 are required every year, to work toward completion of a portfolio that shows the student's growth and mastery of the Charter School-Wide Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and the essential Life Skills.

At the end of each quarter, students should select items of relevant class or IS/Home School work that demonstrates their progress in the essential skills. In subsequent quarters, items demonstrating the same skill should be added to the portfolio. Although later work may be of better quality than earlier pieces, students should not remove earlier items, as a collection of items demonstrating a skill and its development is the best way to show growth toward mastery. By the end of the third quarter (March) students will complete a portfolio selection form for each SWO and review the portfolio contents with their advisor (supervising teacher).


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Portfolio artifacts can be anything. They can consist of, but are not limited to, tests, papers, worksheets, designs, CDs or DVDs of work, artwork, graphs, essay, creative writing, event programs, website, posters, log books, awards, computer programs, narrative reflections, and photos of  events or things too large to include in the portfolio.

The chosen artifacts should be representative of the student's continued development toward mastery of the skill, whether in or outside of school. The portfolio does not need to be limited to a binder. Several students have successfully developed and maintained digital portfolios. Items should not be included or excluded simply on the basis of the letter grade.


1. An 11th grade student used pictures, his calendar and a letter of appreciation to explain how he used Citizenship; managing time, organization and appreciation, to accomplish goals to complete a community service project.

2. Another 11th grade student talked about the process of editing and rewriting and finding just the right words while showing her scrapbook collection of song lyrics and poetry, for the skill of Character; perseverance, effort, Communication; articulation of thoughts and feelings, Creative Thinking; creativity, reflection.

3. A 9th grade student showed the results of a group project, and explained how he learned to work better with his fellow students to achieve their goals for the SLOs of Communication, Critical Thinking and Character.

4. A 10th grade student talked about the difficulties of building a major set piece, pointing to artifacts with measurements, designs, photos, and a theater program for the SLOs of: Critical and Creative Thinking, Character and Communication.

5. One student, addressing the SLOs of Critical and Creative Thinking and Communication, recorded a skit in Spanish.

6. One 10th grade student was proud of how she basically taught herself Math 2 independently, but was also able to work collaboratively by helping fellow students with math concepts during a math tutoring meeting. Her SLO was under Character as helping problem solve, perseverance, effort, integrity, caring, friendship, and pride

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