Parent/Guardian Responsibilities


At Coast Redwood High School, PARENTS play an essential role in ensuring students’ success, achievement and accountability. PARENTS serving as Learning Coaches, are responsible for their student’s day-to-day activities. As students become more independent in the middle school and high school years, the Learning Coach typically provides support, but far less daily supervision.

Because the PARENTS role is so critical to the student’s success, Coast Redwood High School;

  • Recommends that an at-home PARENT or designated adult serve as the (Learning Coach) to provide daily student oversight and support.
  • Requests PARENT(S) sign an agreement outlining their responsibilities as (Learning Coaches) and describing suggested steps for creating an optimal learning environment at home.
  • Provides an array of support services to make PARENT(S) (Learning Coaches) effective: tutorials, an orientation program, a supportive network of fellow parents, and ongoing advice from our supervising teachers and administrators.
  • Turn-in each month (on time) the ATTENDANCE LEDGER, the students' planner sheets and all work samples (4 from EACH academic core area)
  • Ensure their teen meets their appointments as arranged by their Supervising Teacher.
  • Ensure their teen attends all of their onsite classes and completes all assignments.
  • Ensure their teen will participate in all mandatory assessments, such as the CST/Smarter Balance assessments in ELA and math, and the PFT (physical fitness).


All through the school year, the teachers are in need of day-to-day teaching tools, local field trip fee sponsorships, transportation on field trips, gardening supplies, etc. To donate to Coast Redwood High School, please send your donation with written directions as to how the funds will be utilized and spent. Your donations are tax deductible.


Each year the staff reaches out to parents to organize the graduation ceremony celebration in June. This includes a quick manicure of the amphitheater, manufacturing the program, set-up, desserts, and clean-up. Traditionally, the 11th grade families and students are responsible for this task so the "graduating parents" may enjoy a day of fun with their family and friends.

*Students may add hours to their community service requirement in this area. Sign-up with your Supervising Teacher at any time prior to February.