Information Transcript

Information Night


Welcome to Coast Redwood High School. We are the SLVUSD Charter School High school program established in 1997 and located on the SLV High School campus. After 24 years of sitting on the comprehensive campus, the CRHS team is excited to be moving to our own Charter School campus at Quail Hollow in the fall. Coast Redwood High School is a personalized learning high school program offering students in grades 9-12 a hybrid choice of independent study and a 4 day a week onsite classroom opportunity.

Students are assigned a Supervising Teacher who helps manage their courses as well as develops an education plan helping them achieve their high school diploma. Students are required to meet with their supervising teacher a minimum of 15-20 days or on a weekly basis as well as required to be enrolled in a minimum of 5 courses each semester to earn 30 credits for a yearly total of 60 credits.

Attendance is based on meeting with their teacher, engaging in academic activities four or more hours each day, and completing the assignments they were assigned on time and at a passing level. Time management, organization, and communication are all very important elements to the success at Coast Redwood High School. To graduate students need 230 credits in the required subject areas.

Students who want to graduate early may do so and will be recommended to dual enroll at Cabrillo. If you would like to view our graduation requirements you may view them on our website with a transcript of our presentation information.

Coast Redwood High School looks different from comprehensive high schools. First, our attendance is based mostly on the completion of assignments whereas comprehensive high schools have seat time policies requiring students to be in class 5 days a week and generally speaking 6 hours a day. Therefore Coast Redwood students have more flexibility and time in their schedules.

If students want to take a comprehensive class with a teacher at SLV High School they may do so with the guidance of their supervising teacher. Coast Redwood students may concurrently enroll in up to 2 courses that Coast Redwood does not offer in the course catalog such as AP courses, certain sciences, and world languages, Career Technology Education, and Regional Occupation Program courses. A link to the Office of Education that sponsors these programs is on our website.

Coast Redwood students may also dual enroll at Cabrillo Community College. One semester of a successfully completed college course worth 3 or more credits is equal to one full year of a high school course credit - equivalent to 10 high school credits. Students are able to earn up to 40-50 high school credits in this way. Any college-level courses taken in excess of this amount count only toward their college transcript.

Coast Redwood High School offers A-G course work in all subject matter required for high school graduation and college admissions. Our graduates are admitted to community colleges, State Universities, and UC’s as well as out of state universities and private colleges. Upon graduation, many of our students are admitted to the Cabrillo Honors program that guarantees transfer into many colleges throughout California. Many students choose an entrepreneurial path and receive certifications in specialty areas from Cabrillo as well.

Coast Redwood has a different social and extracurricular culture than most independent study programs and charter schools. Coast Redwood students may participate in SLV High School sponsored dances, Homecoming, Proms, school clubs, and perhaps the most unique identifying feature is our Charter competitive athletes may play sports for SLV High School.

We encourage our students to seek employment when appropriate, to take internships, complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service each year of high school (with the opportunity to earn the President's Service Award), and network in the community in which they live. Often students who participate in those activities have those hours applied to PE, electives, and practical arts.

Coast Redwood High School students have support from a College and Career Counselor by appointment who monitors students credits towards graduation, brings career speakers to our Friday advisory meetings with students and assists students with their post-high school plans, and college applications.

Coast Redwood students also have support by appointment only from our Emotional Health support counselor and for crisis intervention.

If you are a competitive athlete you may participate in fall, winter, and spring sports at SLV High School. There are eligibility guidelines to follow. Students who are actively involved in live theater may enroll in a drama class at SLV High school and are encouraged to try-out for the SLV two-yearly theater productions. You do not need to be enrolled in their drama course to try-out. 

For the visual artist, you may enroll in SLV High School’s AP Art course. More live theater production opportunities are offered by this Charter School.

During the school year, Coast Redwood offers fun and engaging lunchtime activities such as a dress-up contest on Halloween, crazy sock day, holiday creative and crazy sweater day, a Gatsby dress-up day, birthday acknowledgments, and the occasional barbeque celebrating our triumphs.