Additional Educational Support Service Program (AESS)

The Additional Educational Support Services Program (AESS) is designed for struggling students whose parents need or want more assistance in educating their child or for those families who do not choose to be as involved in the day-to-day educational program as the Home Study Program requires. 

At Coast Redwood High School, this program is called AESS or Additional Educational Support Services. The AESS Program allows for additional assistance from the Supervising Teacher (ST) and the ST will spend, at a minimum, one hour every two weeks working with the student. The decision to enroll a student into AESS may be made at the time of enrollment or when an academic need is identified.

The ST will facilitate securing clarification of the topics being studied (e.g., communicating with the online instructor), correct student work, and help with organizational and study techniques. In AESS, the ST works closely with the student throughout the month and the parent's main responsibility is to make sure the student is completing the assigned work, see below for parent involvement requirements and information. Student attendance at the weekly or bi-weekly scheduled appointments is mandatory.

However, PARENT involvement is critical to the success of their student.

This is not a stand-alone "independent study track," but is home school

Parents must continue to oversee their student in the roll of an education facilitator and Learning Coach, to ensure that all weekly assignments are being completed, students are attending their weekly meetings with their ST, parents are attending the required monthly attendance meetings and be available to the student for further home school instruction on assignments, with education in writing, research, mathematics, technology, reading, critical thinking, editing, Cornell note taking, organization and time management skills.