Supervising Teachers, Guidance Specialists and Support Staff


Your Supervising Teachers Are Committed To:

* Developing a personalized learning plan for each student that incorporates the attainment of the Common Core Standards.

* Assess skill level and learning style(s) of each student and help the parent choose curriculum and assignments that are appropriate.

* Provide ways for the parent (learning coach) to grow as an educator.

* Share social and community outreach and field trip opportunities.

* Optimize students knowledge, skills & interests with the goal of college, career readiness, vocational school, or entrepreneurship.


Kay Mendoza
Supervising Program & Lead Teacher
Specialty: English, Language Arts, College to Career Education, Guidance, and Work Experience

Keidi Lewis
Supervising Teacher
Specialty: Social Sciences, Spanish, and Guidance

Wade Axup   
Supervising Teacher   

Specialty: Biology, Sciences, Guidance

Brian Heery
Specialty: Mathematics,
and Guidance

Jennifer Kelly
Specialty: Academic planning support

Jennifer Sims
Specialty: Student Health Services

Holly Thomas
Charter School Registrar

Julie Walker
Charter School Administrative Assistant

Rhonda Schlosser
Charter School Administrator