Exploring Life's Options - Community Service

One of our essential Life Skills and SWLO's is serving and acting in the benefit of the community. CRHS requests every student to serve his/her various communities as part of their portfolio requirement and one of several requirements to receive an "Honors" high school volunteer certificate. Students are required to complete 60 hours of community service by the end of their 2nd-3rd quarter (MAY 1ST) each year in order to receive this honor. They may serve up to 20 of their hours by helping out at officially sanctioned CRHS and/or All-Charter activities or a combination of both. 

We recommend 15-20 hours of community service during freshman, sophomore, and junior year in order to complete the 60-hour goal prior to senior year. Students coming in new to CRHS will have their hours adjusted accordingly and pro-rated.

Summers are a great time to complete community service hours. Speak with your advisor about summer opportunities in your community.

What Does Not Count Toward Community Service Hours?

1. Work is done for friends or family (because it is expected that you will serve those closest to you)

2. Work was done to help a class (because that is viewed as normal school duties)

3. Work is done for pay (because that's not volunteering)

What Does Count Toward Community Service Hours?

1. Volunteering at a school-sponsored community event, examples include, but not limited to, Open House, Information Night,
Quail Hollow School (SLVUSD Home School) program events, All-Charter events, CRHS Organic Garden Project, and the Fall Creek Outdoor Amphitheater Project.

2. Arranging volunteer opportunities on your own time (such as volunteering at a food kitchen, community outreach, Monterey Bay Aquarium, or Mountain Community Resources)

3. Volunteering at any Research Center or Non-Profit organization, including unpaid internships, Eagle Scout project, and/or global organizations and outreach.

Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School - voted by students as the BEST opportunity and most fun!

Outdoor Science School, Santa Cruz County

Be a Cabin Leader

The Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School is seeking energetic and responsible high school volunteers throughout the school year to serve as Cabin Leaders to small groups of 5th and 6th-grade students. Each Cabin Leader is paired with a Naturalist who they assist on the trail and during field studies. Cabin Leaders help ensure the student safety during daily activities and overnight in the cabins. 

All Cabin Leaders participate in Training the first and second day of the program before students arrive. Cabin Leaders arrive at 4 pm the first day of the program week and are dismissed at 12:00 pm on the final day program.

  • Earn up to 60 Community Service hours in one week
  • Earn 3 college credits by enrolling in ED80, an Education & Service Learning class at Cabrillo College. The course is free for high school students and can be taken in person or online.
  • Gain skills in Leadership and Risk Management during Cabin Leader Training
  • Have fun working with 5th and 6th-grade students at the Outdoor Science School


Cabin Leader Application

Registration Packet

If you are unable to download an application or would like more information please contact your supervising teacher

How to Earn 3 College Credits from Cabrillo College

Students receive 2 college credits for EDUC 80, and 1 credit for EDUC 80L during which students volunteer for one week as a Cabin Leader.

EDUC 80 is a lecture course that provides a general introduction to educational theory and practice. The course can be taken at Cabrillo College in Aptos or online. The on-campus lecture is 2 hours a week, and the online class is organized by modules. This class is worth 2 college units.

EDUC 80L is the Service Learning component to EDUC 80. High school students satisfy the 56 volunteer hours during one week of service as a Cabin Leader at the Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School. This class is worth 1 college unit.

High school students must enroll in EDUC 80 before their service week as a Cabin Leader, to receive credit. To apply, students need to complete a Concurrent Enrollment application and return it to Cabrillo College Admissions by email at webreg@cabrillo.edu. The deadline to enroll is October 1st and the course will begin mid-October. Questions regarding EDUC 80 can be directed to the course instructor, Professor Mary Soltis by email at masoltis@cabrillo.edu. The course is free for high school students, however, students will pay a small registration fee. More information about EDUC 80 can be found here.


Cabin Leader Program Coordinator
Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School
Koinonia Conference Grounds
1605 Eureka Canyon Rd.
Watsonville, CA 95076

Call or text: 831-291-3997
Fax: 831-466-5945
Email: cabinleaderinfo@santacruzcoe.org

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