Enrollment FAQ

We appreciate your interest in our high school program and look forward to providing you with unequaled education support. By joining this Charter School and the Coast Redwood High School Program, you have become part of a community of parents that is willing to take an active role in the education of students in grades 9-12. As you explore this website, we hope you will become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of all those who interact with your student.
Setting the Record Straight...What is the difference between my high school options?

Myth or Reality? I heard that all charter high school students just attend field trips and one day a week classes. Is this true?


While Field Studies or Cultural/Historical awareness trips are an integral and important part of the program, Coast Redwood High School is an academically rigorous program. CRHS is WASC accredited, which in simple terms means we met the rigors of a career and college team overview. Our (a-g) courses are aligned to college admissions.

CRHS is a hybrid program which means that students may homeschool subject matter or combine their studies with onsite classes at CRHS, Cabrillo, ROP, and under certain conditions, at SLV High School. If academics are questionable, most students opt to leave CRHS for less stringent programs.

What do you mean "academically rigorous?" I heard that Coast Redwood High School was for teens who couldn't make it in the "regular" program.


Coast Redwood High School is an option for teens who are committed to choosing and owning their own educational pathway. Independence and organization are key factors for success.

CRHS is a project/demonstration-based program with curriculum to support students on many academic levels. Students who enroll are committed to looking at the larger issues of natural/cultural world interactions. It is complimented by an ability placed math program as well as intensive Language Arts, Science and Social Studies programs. Some of the specific expectations include the following.

 1.  Charter students are held to the same high school degree of rigor, requirements, and achievement as any other local high school. What makes CRHS different is the academic/educational delivery is hands-on, flexible to meet the learning styles and needs of each student, organized, and fitted for personalized learning. In this case, one size does not fit all.

 2.  Coast Redwood High School is WASC accredited which means, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges have reviewed our Charter document, and programs for rigor and standards.

 3.  CRHS is geared toward academically minded, self-motivated student who relishes a challenging, experience-based curriculum. If your child lacks good study habits, this may not be the program for him. CRHS is a not a credit recovery program.

The proceeding sounds no different from what students may already experience at SLV High School. What makes Coast Redwood different?

First, we are similar to comprehensive high school. In fact, in a practical sense, CRHS functions much like a "school within a school"- that is, a small program within the larger program. However, CRHS is a separate school. CRHS students share the lunch period, and after school sports programs as those enrolled at SLVHS.

For students, the major academic differences are few, but philosophically for some parents and students, those differences are mighty. They include:

Personalized Learning: Far beyond anything we can do in the classroom, or for our homeschoolers learning at home, linking learning to real world experiences is the most powerful tool we have as learners to anchor information. It is this understanding of brain biology which drives our choices at CRHS to explore the world around us. Students benefit from studies in Fall Creek, the Organic Garden projects, Exploratorium, San Jose Tech Museum, Pacific Grove/Cannery Row/Great Tide Pools, & Monterey Bay Aquarium. Team building trips include Pacific Edge Climbing Gym and beach cleanup, ropes courses, bowling, and river walks. When learning is linked with actual experience, learning lasts a lifetime.

Additionally, for the homeschool student, time is not taken away sitting 6 hours, 5 days a week in a classroom, but instead, students take the 6 hour day and engage in learning that takes them outside of the "brick and mortar" environment. Students attend Cabrillo, ROP, and community courses. Students schedule time in their day to engage in community building project and community service. Students travel all over the world, a video documenting their travels, without penalty for "missing" school. Read more below!


Q: What grade levels does Coast Redwood HS serve?
A: 9th through 12th grades

Q: What is the cost?
A: Charter Schools are FREE public schools.

Q: How do I apply to enroll?
A: Simply visit the webpage tab
Our School and click on Enroll  

Q: How long does it take to enroll?
A: 6-10 days

Q: Can I enroll now for the fall?
A: Applications for the 2017-18 school year are not available yet
Q: Will the Charter School Registrar send for my student's records when I send in the application?
A: No, you will need to provide a birth certificate, proof of residency, and other required documents with your application.

Our Registrar will send for your student's official cumulative file after your student is active.

Q: How will I know if you have received my application?
A: You will receive a phone call from our registrar who will guide you through the enrollment process.

Q: Is there a waiting list?
A: At times there is a waiting list. You will need to contact Coast Redwood High School if you are interested.

Q: What if I lost my student's birth certificate?
A: Your previous school should have a copy in the official student cumulative file. If not, you can purchase a copy from the county office records department where your child's birth took place.

Q: How do I get my high school student's transcript?
A: Contact the previous school and ask for an official transcript. They will provide one for you and one for us upon request.

Q: My high school student owes fines at the previous school and they said they will not release an official transcript. What do I do?
A: They will release the official transcript when the fines are paid in full. Your previous school will not release an official transcript to SLVUSD Charter School until fines are paid. This could affect releasing a high school diploma from Coast Redwood High School until it's taken care of.

Q: After I enroll can I take my student out of his/her current school?
A: No, you need to keep your child enrolled in school until you are contacted by the Charter Registrar.

Q: If I have more questions prior to enrolling, whom do I call?
A: You can contact the Charter Registrar office directly at 831-336-5167

Q: Will help be available if needed?
A: Yes, your Supervising Teacher (ST) will meet with you on a regular basis, at least every 20 school days. They will also help you develop a personalized learning plan, order curriculum as needed, and set up group educational activities.

Q: Can my student take online classes?
A: Yes, we support a variety of online classes. Your Supervising Teacher will work with you to determine what the appropriate educational options are for your child.

Q: Why is it important for my student to attend a WASC accredited school?
A: Attending a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited school is extremely important during the high school years. The credits your student earns at a WASC accredited school are transferable to traditional schools. Accredited institutions are evaluated extensively and conform to general expectations of performance and quality. Because accreditation requires continual self-evaluation, frequent reports, and periodic external review, the public can be assured that the educational quality of programs and services offered by the institution are current, reflect high standards of quality, and are offered with integrity.


Q: How many credits does Coast Redwood High School require to graduate?
A: We require 230 credits, and passage of Algebra, Math 1A, or Math 1, and community service.

Q: If my student is credit deficient can he/she make up multiple credits?
A: A typical high school course load is 35 credits a semester. Under some circumstances students can take additional credits. We often refer students to Cabrillo College or to summer school to make-up credits in core areas such as Math or English.

Q: What is the minimum amount of semester credits my student can take at Coast Redwood HS?
A: Students are required to take a minimum of 20 credits each semester. Remember, it takes 230 credits to graduate from high school in 4 years.

Q: Can my student take college courses while enrolled in Coast Redwood HS?
A: Yes, however your student must meet specific requirements and work with your Supervising Teacher.

Q: Is ROP available for Coast Redwood HS students?
A: Yes, enrollment in some programs however is limited with specific requirements. Consult with your Supervising Teacher regarding enrollment in local ROP programs.

Q: Can my student work while attending Coast Redwood HS?
A: Yes, if eligible for a work permit and making satisfactory academic progress. Consult with your Supervising Teacher for Work Experience Education (WEE) details. You may receive elective credit for work experience but only, if enrolled in the WEE (work experience education) program.

Q: My student is concerned about missing his/her high school prom
dance. Do Coast Redwood HS students attend the comprehensive high school prom?
A: Yes, Coast Redwood High School students may attend the SLV High School prom under certain terms as a guest. It's a night of glitz and glamour...... a black tie affair!

Q: The graduation ceremony is very important to my student and our family. Will my student miss out on that stepping stone as a Coast Redwood HS student?
A: No, Coast Redwood High School has a graduation ceremony every year at the Fall Creek Outdoor Amphitheater. Students wear the traditional cap and gown. We typically graduate about 12-20 students each year and often have over 200 family members, friends, and relatives attending the ceremony. It's an exciting event!

Q: Can my high school student graduate early?
A: This depends on the student's four-year educational plan developed with the student's supervising teacher. With a combination of summer school, online courses and Cabrillo classes, it is possible for a students to graduate in 6-7 semesters, rather than 8 semesters.

Q: I have a ninth grade student and a sixth grade student. Will they have the same teacher?
A: Our teachers are credentialed and certified to serve a specific student population. However, we recognize the needs of families who have students in different grades levels and serve them well with carefully selected staff.

Q: Will a teacher come to my home for scheduled visits?
A: Teachers are not required to come to your home. Our Supervising Teachers prefer to meet in a public place. This is usually agreed upon during your initial phone conversation or at your first meeting.

Q: If I decide to homeschool my student, how will they stay socially active?
A: The Coast Redwood High School and the SLVUSD Charter School website and weekly bulletins is a great place to stay up-to-date with current events. We offer a wide variety of social activities including field trips, classes at the regional resource centers, and community classes. We also have new programs that offer both academic and social experiences for home school families. Your student can stay very busy!


Q: Can my student apply to Coast Redwood High School if they have an active IEP?
A: Yes, SLVUSD Charter School provide Special Education services

Q: What paperwork do I need when applying at Coast Redwood HS if my student has an active IEP?
A: You will need to provide a copy of your most recent IEP and psychological report.

Q: My student wants to take classes at our local resource center but has an active IEP. Can we still take classes?
A: Of course. Work with your Supervising Teacher and the resource learning teacher

Q: If my student has an IEP, will services be provided at my home?
A: No, Special Education services are provided at specific locations per your student's IEP.