Read through the entire Coast Redwood High School website to understand that you are considering a homeschool program and you are understanding your role as a Parent Learning Coach to your student.

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Coast Redwood is not a credit-recovery program. Students who are deficient in more than ten credits will be counseled to consider a school placement through Santa Cruz County Alternative Education, which may require less than 230 credits to graduate in four years.

Student and parent(s) are required to set an appointment with their current high school counselor to discuss a possible alternative high school placement at semester takes place first.


A required email from your current high school counselor to a Supervising Guidance teacher at CRHS must be received verifying a meeting has taken place with a recommendation to meet with a Supervising Teacher at Coast Redwood


Fill out both forms and return it to the Charter Registrar.

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2016-2017 Application

Fax/scan or drop-off ALL forms with your student's transcript to the Charter Registrar. Delaying your submission without a transcript may interrupt your wait-list position.

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Holly Thomas
office: 831-336-5167   
fax: 831-336-0131

The Charter School registrar will contact one of our four Supervising/Guidance teachers. Once the teacher receives your application, transcript and enrollment forms, they will call or email you to set up an INQUIRY meeting.

At this inquiry meeting, the guidance teacher will verify an email from the student's counselor and will inquire as to why the family wishes to transfer to a home school program. Further discussion regarding the student's goals and post high school plans are examined, an examination of the student's transcript with grades and credits, and a conversation on how homeschool functions as well as the family responsibilities as outline for the student and parent(s) under the HOME SCHOOLING/TEACHING  tab at the top of this school web page.

After the inquiry meeting and it is determined that homeschooling is an appropriate fit for the family, the teacher will contact the family to proceed to meet with the registrar to fill-out the final ENROLLMENT packet.

You will need to bring the following materials upon submitting your ENROLLMENT packet:
1. Student birth certificate.

2. Immunization records for students in grades 7-12.

3. Official high school transcript from the previous school.

4. Special Education: a current IEP must be provided at the time of registration, or we cannot enroll the student.

The Charter Registrar will tell you whether there is immediate placement
(within the period of transfer eligibility) or a short wait-list until the next period of transfer eligibility.

Once the student has submitted their enrollment packet, a semester planning meeting will take place where the family will come in to meet with a supervising guidance teacher to set-up a semester plan of courses, register/log-in to Schoology, and Power School.

It is at this time that the student needs to withdraw from their previous high school, obtain a copy of their exit grades to bring to the meeting, return all library texts and novels, turn-in all athletic equipment (if not continuing in the specific sport), this includes the P.E. lock


You have completed all SIX STEPS and have read through the website, understanding that parents are an integral component of a teen's success in home school.

Please Note:
a) Enrollment is a full year commitment.

b) CRHS twelfth grade students may not transfer back to their former high school, the second semester, of their senior year.

c) Students are discouraged from transferring back and forth between high schools as colleges and employers wish to see school consistency on a transcript and a resume.

d) Do not withdraw your student from their current high school until all materials are submitted to the Charter Registrar and you have received a telephone call or email from the Registrar stating your student has a spot.

e) All fees and fines must be paid before enrollment is granted into CRHS.

f) Our homeschool student/teacher ratio to 26:1

g) Class size is dependent on room capacity and popularity. Class capacity is 25.
If there is no seat in a class, students will be offered to follow the class through Schoology and homeschool the course. Electives are homeschooled.

h) Students may not enroll at Cabrillo, second-semester, in a course dependent upon completing in order to graduate from high school.

i) Students may only apply (40 credits or four college courses) over their high school career to their high school transcript. College courses over and beyond the four courses may be taken but will not be reflected on the student's high school transcript.


a) S
tudents transferring from a comprehensive high school to CRHS must complete all finals prior to their transfer, in order to receive their credits.

b) CRHS does not enroll students from a (semester-based) comprehensive high school (after the first week of October), or 4 weeks after the start of a quarter unless the students' high school is on the quarter system.

c) CRHS does not grant credits/grades for a student's coursework transferring in from another high school mid-semester.

d) Transcripts will be complete with course titles, grades, and credits.

e) It is in the best interest of the student to complete their studies, and take their finals so not to loose credits, and become credit deficit upon enrolling at Coast Redwood High School.

f) We may offer recommendations to other alternative schools in Santa Cruz County and within the SLV area.


Fridays between 9:00am-12:00pm only.

End of August through mid-September for current 1st semester/school term.

December through mid-January for current 2nd semester/school term.

April through mid-May for the following (fall) school term

*No inquiry visits in the month of June

Students unofficial transcript
A current class schedule
504/IEP materials