We recognize that having the right educational resources can make a significant difference in student achievement and personal success. Coast Redwood is dedicated to the belief that all students can succeed and recognize that parents often need ready access to educational materials. The teachers are ready to support your efforts. Our goal is to support students, parents, and teachers with their instructional needs, as well as to assist students in developing information literacy skills: determining what information they need, locating it, checking its validity, and using it most effectively.


Sometimes, a student may need extra time or additional learning support. This extra support may be necessary for a few weeks or several months depending on the student's progress. Coast Redwood HS has a comprehensive system to assist the student at the early signs of academic struggling.

All students are followed for their academic achievement, including newly enrolled students. Based on a series of screening and assessment indicators, some students will need additional time and support from their Supervising Teacher. Others may need targeted instruction provided in small groups or individually to help them accelerate learning and close the achievement gap. Additional curricular and instructional resources may also be employed based on the Individualized Learning Plan developed for identified students. 


The staff at CRHS encourages families to design and launch their own student study groups. Groups may meet at school during school hours, or meet at their homes. The staff is committed in facilitating this opportunity. Please speak with your ST.

The Problem Solving Team (Supervising Teachers, Resource Teacher as needed), works in collaboration with the student, parent, lead teacher, and school administrator, as necessary) to identify the student's strengths and assets upon which an improvement plan can be designed. Concerns are seen as obstacles to student success and not descriptors of the student or his character. As a regular school process, the PST intervenes with school and community support and a practical improvement plan that all team members agree to follow. Follow-up meetings are planned to provide a continuous casework management strategy to maximize the student's achievement and school experience.


Each program home school coordinator sets up family activities to enhance community-based learning. Check our website for the schedules and registration information. Parents may also arrange for parent guided educational activities that enhance and support their children's educational goals.