Curriculum and Instructional Plan

At Coast Redwood High School, students, teachers, and parent/guardian, are all partners in the Personalized Learning Program (PLP) approach. Together we develop an instructional plan tailored to each student’s academic abilities. We adjust the program and goals as needed to ensure the student is learning and growing at Coast Redwood High School, monitoring that plan and the student’s progress throughout the school year. Geared to each student’s success, the PLP includes

  • Detailed Review of Student Background and Learning Styles. Teachers, PARENTS, and students discuss student strengths, skill deficiencies, and previous school performance. A detailed student questionnaire helps us identify individual learning styles and the most effective approaches for accommodating those styles.

  • Placement and Course Selection; Goal Setting. Using information collected during the review process, supervising teachers and assorted support staff help families select the courses most appropriate to the student’s individual academic abilities. With the academic schedule in place, teachers and Learning Coaches then work together to set goals for the students with achievable milestones throughout the year.

  • Regular Communication. At the start of school, PARENTS and your assigned supervising teacher(s) establish a regular communication schedule—at least once every 2 weeks—or more, depending on the needs of the student.

  • Performance Tracking. In grades 9-12, students complete the quarterly assessments to identify areas of academic strength and need. Taken at both the beginning, mid-year, and the end of the school term, the assessments helps us modify learning goals and adapt new approaches where needed.

  • Schedule Modifications and Electives. Once the school year gets started, supervising teachers help personalize the learning schedule. They inquire about the student's daily routines and make adjustments to the student's schedule as necessary.

Multi-faceted Curriculum and a Supportive School Community

Imagine a rigorous curriculum that leverages how, when, and where students learn best. Then integrate the most respected print and online resources, innovative instructional tools, and hands-on activities into dynamic curriculum that engages every type of learner. And top it all off by offering a menu of high school experiences where students may participate in our district comprehensive high school clubs, dances, athletics, classes, and more!
  • Core classes in math, science, language arts, and social studies.
  • * Students transferring from a comprehensive high school to CRHS may keep one core class based on no prior or current (F's).
  • Electives, including foreign languages, digital technology, and web design (ROP, online, or at the district comprehensive high school)
  • Field trips, theater, and interactive clubs, and more.
  • Athletics (San Lorenzo Valley High School Athletics or Club Sports)
  • Honors and AP Courses (online or at the district comprehensive high school or college)
  • SAT/ACT Preparation Courses (online or textbook or in a community study group)
  • Support for students who need extra help.
  • College-credit classes (online or at a Community College)

By combining rigor with flexibility, our curriculum makes success accessible to every student.

Whether college-bound or career-oriented, we make sure our students are ready for what lies beyond graduation by:

  • Providing access to qualified staff member to help with post graduation plans.
  • Helping students create four-year academic plans.  
  • Guiding students as they consider college and career opportunities.