Creative Arts

Coast Redwood High School integrates the arts in many classes. In the documentary, The Music of Strangers, musician YoYo Ma says, “I’m always trying to figure out at some level who I am and how I fit in the world, which I think is something that I share with seven billion other people.” Yo-Yo Ma captures the vulnerability of our humanity—something that deep down we all share, but not always out loud.

Art is a way to stay connected to the essential questions: who am I; what is my purpose? Through creative expression we learn to swim through complexity; while art doesn’t necessarily make the waters less turbulent, it does help to make us more buoyant.

Santa Cruz County, the San Lorenzo Valley, is an amazing place to live and is an example of how art is embedded in our culture. Creating, performing, and celebrating various art forms nurtures our imagination, capacity for empathy, and sense of justice. If you imagine it, you can do it at Coast Redwood High School.


Dia de Los Muertos
Culinary Arts
Fashion Week and Santa Cruz County Office Fashion Show
Short story mystery novel writing
Creative Writing
Teen Ink
Ukraine Pysanky eggs
Diversity Week
Digital Photography
Santa Cruz Art Museum Spring Art Show
Drama & Theater
Mountain Craft Faire
Charter Craft Fair 

and so much more.....

NEWSLETTER: 10/18/19

This month is a celebration of Dia De Los Muertos! Our Spanish class will visit Watsonville and to the Dia de Los Muertos Exhibit and explore the culture surrounding the Day of the Dead traditions.

In our Studio Art class, the students began making their Sugar Skulls - phase 1 and phase 2 + SUCCESS!

Time is taken out to celebrate the spring with decorating eggs in the traditional style of Ukraine Easter Egg designs.