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There's a common misconception that homeschoolers have difficulty when it comes to getting into college. This may have been true 20 years ago, but these days, colleges are making the process of admissions for homeschoolers simple and fair. In fact, many colleges are now seeking out homeschoolers themselves, as homeschooled students tend to be excellent college students. Here, we've gathered several facts, tips, and helpful resources that you can put to work to ensure that your college admissions process as a homeschooler is smooth and successful.



PSAT– The PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test measures verbal and math reasoning abilities important for academic performance in college. It assesses the ability to reason with facts and concepts rather than the ability to recall and recite them. The PSAT is given only once each year in October and is most often taken by juniors although 10th graders are also encouraged to take the exam. 

The PSAT is not a required exam and is not used as part of the college admission process. However, it is very beneficial as a preview of the SAT Reasoning Test and as a predictor of possible SAT scores. Also, students receive an analysis of their strengths as well as areas for improvement, thus allowing them to prepare for future test administrations. Additionally, juniors who score in the top 5% may qualify as a National Merit semi­finalist/finalist. Registration for the PSAT is handled in the Soquel HS Finance Office where the test fee is paid and the study guide is distributed. More information may be found at 

SAT Reasoning Test– The SAT Reasoning Test is an entrance exam required by most 4­year colleges. The test measures reading, writing, and math abilities and are administered at testing sites for a fee. It is recommended that students take the SAT Reasoning in spring of their junior year and again in October or November of the senior year. Colleges will use the highest score for admissions. Go to for more information and to register for the exam. 

SAT Subject Tests– As of fall 2012, the SAT Subject Tests (in two different areas) are no longer required by UC; however, some privates and UC campuses recommend that students vying for slots in competitive majors take the tests to demonstrate subject proficiency. Each 1­hr exam measures your knowledge of a particular subject and your ability to apply that knowledge. Be sure to check specific college websites for entrance requirements. 

The registration process, test sites, etc. for the Subject Tests are the same as the SAT Reasoning Test. You may not take the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests on the same day; however, you may take one, two or three SAT Subject Tests on the same day. Each test is one hour during a possible 3­hr testing session. The best time to take a Subject Test is either after completion of the particular course (e.g., Advanced Placement courses). Most students take two or three subject tests at a time, usually in spring of their junior year and again in October or November of the senior year for most college admissions.

ACT– The American College Test may be used for college admissions instead of the SAT Reasoning Test. Be sure to check the particular college website. The ACT reports scores in English, math, reading, and science reasoning. The ACT is administered on 5 Saturday mornings throughout the year for a fee. Please go to for more information and to register for the exam. 

Advanced Placement Exams (AP)– SLVHS offers several Advanced Placement classes which charter students may enroll. Consult your guidance and academic counselors for information. Advanced Placement examinations are administered during May (specific dates and times) on campus. Students will register and pay the exam fee at SLVHS. It is expected that all students enrolled in an AP course will take the corresponding AP Exam. UCs and CSUs grant credit for a score of 3 or higher; many private colleges provide some type of credit as well (over 10,000 institutions provide credit based on AP scores.) 

Additional College Information
EAP ­ Early Assessment Program - Junior testing is given with CAASPP standardized testing that assesses students’ college readiness in English and math. Students will receive results that can exempt them from placement tests at CSUs and some community colleges including Cabrillo. 

CSU – English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry-Level Mathematics Test (ELM)– After being admitted but prior to enrollment at any CSU campus, students are required to take the EPT and ELM unless otherwise exempt by means of previous test scores such as the EAP, SAT or ACT. The EPT and ELM are used for placement. Test registration information and details about the actual tests are sent to newly admitted students by CSU with possible test dates. These tests may be taken only once. Students can select the closest campus to their home rather than the campus they plan to attend. 

UC – Analytical Writing Placement Examination– Students admitted to the UC system are required to take a writing competency exam unless otherwise exempt due to test scores on the SAT Reasoning Test Writing or AP English Exam. In early spring UC will mail each student a detailed information booklet regarding the Subject A exam (locations, date, test format, sample topics.) This test can be taken only once and is usually scheduled in early May.

FAFSA­- Free Application for Federal Student Aid is federal aid which is good for all post­secondary schools (including vocational, community and four-year schools). Please visit and for more information. 

Cabrillo/other Community Colleges- Students planning to attend Cabrillo College need to take Cabrillo’s assessment tests unless otherwise exempt due to AP scores or EAP test results. 

The assessment tests evaluate basic skills in math, English, and reading to assist students in choosing appropriate-level classes. The tests include an objective reading test, a written essay and a choice of three levels of math. Sample tests are available online at Early Assessment for SLVUSD Charter Seniors will be held in the spring of their senior year. The SLVHS and CRHS Counseling Office will announce the date, time and location. 

CRHS Seniors also have the opportunity for Early Registration Assessment program called Running Start. Watch for notices and announcements from both the CRHS and SLVHS  Counseling Office.

SAT / ACT Test Dates

Test Prep Booklets are available in the SLVHS Counseling Office or from Mary Zilge


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