Class of 2019

Sophomore Class Check List:

I have:

  • Met with my Supervising /Guidance Teacher to review my semester(s) Personalized Learning Plan, which includes postsecondary plans and career goals.
  • Reviewed the Junior and Senior calendars to help me plan my junior and senior years and keep my options open.
  • Confirmed with my Supervising /Guidance Teacher that I am on track for fulfilling graduation requirements
  • Planned for a junior and senior year that is challenging and provides opportunities to further explore my career interests, including ROP and/or Cabrillo courses.
  • Joined clubs, service organizations, and/or clubs of interests.
  • Working towards completing my Community Service of 15 hours
  • Taken the PSAT, or plan to take the PSAT in October of my junior year, and I am aware of web sites for practicing for the SAT and/or ACT.
  • Registered for the spring SAT II (for UCs & some private colleges) if I am in Biology or Chemistry.
  • Created a Naviance account to manage college and career goals.
  • Completed the Career Interest Profile on Naviance.
  • Completed "Do What You Are" on Naviance.
  • Completed College Search on Naviance.
  • Added colleges and careers to my list on Naviance.
  • Begun developing a resume of my activities, academic achievements, leadership positions, community service, and work.
  • Completed "Learning Styles Inventory" on Naviance.

Multiple Intelligences & Interest Profiler Directions
Naviance Career Chart
California Career Zone
Regional Occupation Program (ROP)
SLVHS 15 Career Clusters
Estimated College Costs
College & Career Planning Websites