Class of 2020


Guidelines for a successful freshman year:

  • Make sure the 9th grade schedule meets current and future academic needs.
  • Know how to access Schoology for daily assignments.
  • Know how to access teachers through email.
  • Know what the Graduation Requirements are for Coast Redwood High School.
  • Begin your yearly Community Service requirements of 15 hours each year.
  • Save excellent assignments (i.e. lab reports, essays, projects) for possible future use in the Senior Exit Portfolio.
  • Planning for sophomore, junior and senior years that are challenging and provide opportunities to further explore my career interests, including ROP courses and/or Cabrillo courses.
  • Know about honors clubs, service organizations, and/or clubs of interests.
  • For four-year colleges, take the PSAT once Math 1 is completed.  (About the PSAT)
  • If enrolled in Biology during 9th grade, register for the spring SAT  if interested in applying to some very selective colleges.
  • Get a head start on college and career planning, explore Naviance assessments and “Learning Styles” inventory.
  • Begin research on colleges or alternative post-secondary options from options that include
  • Visit with college and career representatives during lunch.
  • Begin developing a resume of my activities, academic achievements, leadership positions, community service, and work.