Cabrillo College Honors Transfer Program

Dates and Deadlines

DEADLINE to apply to the Honors Transfer Program as a graduating high school senior:

Midnight - March _____, 2020

What is the Honors Transfer Program? 
• Designed for high-achieving students who plan to attend Cabrillo then transfer to a selective 4-year university. 
• The program offers challenging classes which better prepare students for university-level work. 
• All honors courses meet general education requirements and transfer to the CSU, UC and private institutions.

Honors Transfer Program a GREAT option for: 
• Students who are highly motivated and want a challenging academic environment 
• Those who are university-ready, but haven’t decided on a major or a college 
• Top choice university - easier 
• Financial savings - HUGE 
• Emotional 
• Social

WHO Joins the Honors Transfer Program?
 * Students from all backgrounds, ages and  experiences: 
     - Current Cabrillo Students 
     - Students coming to Cabrillo from other colleges and universities 
     - High School seniors and recent graduates 

WHY join the Honors Transfer Program? 
 * Smaller class sizes 
 * Faculty mentors 
 * Stimulating environment 
 * Enriched curriculum 
 * A strong support network 
 * Honors Counselors

 * UC Admission edge 
 * Priority admission to UCLA College of Letters and  Sciences* =
 * Private and out‐of‐State University priority* 
 * Better preparation for success at the University: 
     - Research skills 
     - Essay‐writing skills
     - Study skills
     - Communicating with Professors