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Cabrillo College Running Start
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Cabrillo Promise Program

Just a few reminders and updates on the Cabrillo Promise Program. In order to be eligible for the Cabrillo Promise Program a student must:
  • Apply to the college
  • Apply for financial aid with the FAFSA or Dream Application
  • Apply for the Cabrillo Promise with the form found on the Promise website
The deadline to apply for the Promise has passed, however, students who failed to apply on time can submit an appeal (found at the bottom of the Promise website) for late admission. Those can be emailed to

UPDATE: The Promise had a cap on units for a term at 15. We are removing this cap. We will now award eligible students for as many units as they enroll in. A reminder that a student must enroll in a minimum of 12 per semester to be eligible. To continue eligibility throughout the 2 years they must:
  • Complete a FAFSA or Dream Application for the second year
  • Get a minimum of a 2.0 for the semester
  • Complete full-time status

Cabrillo will visit your High School and help your students

Ensure your students' success at Cabrillo College by getting involved with Running Start! Running Start students get support with application, registration, financial aid, and even educational planning.

or more information.

Cabrillo College is our local community college and as high school students, you have the opportunity to take classes at Cabrillo tuition-free (Books are not, however).

Dual Enrollment Information
As a High School student, you can take classes at Cabrillo and in order to do so, follow these steps EACH semester:
Step One: Speak to your Supervising Teacher/Guidance
  • If you are thinking of taking a class at Cabrillo, be sure to first speak to your teacher, they will be able to provide you with the concurrent enrollment form and explain the steps to enrolling.
Step Two: Create your CCC Account and Complete your Cabrillo College Application
  • Next, you need to create your CCC Account by:
    • Click here to visit Cabrillo College's Website
    • Click US Students Apply
    • Create a new Account (or log in if you have done this)
    • Fill out all the required information.
    • At the end it will automatically take you to the page to create your Cabrillo College Application.
  • Create your Cabrillo College Application
    • After creating or logging into your CCC account, next step is to complete your Cabrillo College Application. Note: You need to do this step each semester.
    • After submitting your application, in 3-4 days you will receive an email from Cabrillo with your Cabrillo College Student ID, keep this information as this ID will never change.
Step Three: Complete the Dual / Concurrent Enrollment Form & Submit to Cabrillo
  • Note: You must have your Cabrillo College Application in before submitting your concurrent enrollment form.
  • Now that you have your Cabrillo College Student ID (This will be ALL numbers, no letters), put this on the concurrent enrollment form that your counselor gives you. 
  • Once filled out and signed by your parent and counselor, this can either be scanned and emailed to yourself, or turned into Charlotte in the counseling office and she will submit it for you.
  • If you submit it yourself, you will receive a confirmation from Cabrillo or an email back if there are any issues.
Step Four: Enroll in your Cabrillo Class through Web Advisor on (or after) your Enrollment Day
  • With confirmation that your concurrent enrollment form has been received, you can now log in to web advisor and add the class to your student planner.
  • Note: When you first log in to webadvisor, you will used your birth date as the password, after which you will be prompted to create a new password. In your phone, create a Cabrillo contact with your Cabrillo Student ID and Web Advisor Password. This will save you time in the future.
  • Now that you're logged in, go to the student menu and then on the top right-hand side, select the "Student Planning Option"  from here go to the Calendar-like page and at the top search for the class you intend on taking.
  • Here is a video on how to use the student planning tool.
  • When the class is planned for the semester you intend on taking it, you need to still hit register on your registration date (See your Counselor or Charlotte on when the Dual Enrollment Date is).
Step Five: Purchase materials/textbooks for your class
Step Six: Attend your Class!

Cabrillo College is adding a new
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rocker Theater

Ambassador 1 of 3

Cheyenne Loftus: Cheyenne is a Communications/Theatre Arts double major who is currently completing her second year at Cabrillo. Her goal is to transfer to a 4-year university next fall.

In addition to being a Student Ambassador, Cheyenne is a member of the Honors Program, President of an on-campus club, and a two term Student Senator.

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Cabrillo College Online Education

Cabrillo offers online courses year-round. There are over 600 hybrid and fully online classes to choose from, 
and several degree programs that can be completed entirely online. Cabrillo instructors provide detailed information 
to help you get started in an online class.

Click Here

Directed by Cheryl Anderson, the Cabrillo Youth Chorus provides a comprehensive vocal 
music program for children 8-18 years of age. We provide a wonderful ensemble experience that 
incorporates beautiful singing tone and music-reading fluency, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and joy. 
The program involves making music with excellent professional musicians using the best of literature. 
Our young singers experience the rewards of dedication to the craft.

Click HERE for
Tuesday's Beginning/Intermediate Class
Dolce or Vivace

Click HERE for
Wednesday's Intermediate/Advanced Class
Allegria or Con Brio