2014 Writing Assignment

Writing Timeline and Process:
Your writing assessment essay must be handwritten and revised several times.  The first write is a personal rough draft.  The second write is a formal draft brought to your supervising teacher attached to your third and final copy. Your draft and third and final copy must be handwritten. Be sure to double spaced leaving room for editing on your second write.  Your supervising teachers will need to see how you formally edit your papers. After editing your second write, your third and final paper is then rewritten and turned in for grading.  Parent signatures are required on all final submissions. Papers are then graded, and returned to the student for evaluation, and if need be, revised again if scored a 2 or below on the rubric.

What to attach together and turn in: (1) Copy of the rubric with your name on it. (2) Second rewrite with editing marks on your essay and a parent signature on top. (3) Final copy of your handwritten essay with a parent signature on the top right-hand corner of your essay.

Assignment & Rubric

School Wide Writing Assignment Directions

1. Download the directions (above),
2. Rubric (below),
3. Your grade level essay (inbetween) assignment.

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Grade 10 - Fall 2013 Writing Assignment

Grade 11 - Fall 2013 Writing Assignment

Grade 12 - Fall 2013 Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment Rubric

Download and print this rubric. Attach to your paper and submit to your supervising teacher.