2020 Graduation~ Friday, May 29 at 12:30 pm at the Fall Creek Outdoor Amphitheater.

Upon completing the high school requirements of 230 credits, students will receive an accredited SLVUSD Charter School diploma, as authorized by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees, with WASC accreditation. Our graduation is held in an intimate setting in a redwood glen where we celebrate with formal graduation and reception.

College Acceptance since 2001
Each year our charter school graduates are accepted into University of California (UC) and State Universities as well as private universities in and out of California. Whether accepted on academic merit, or athletic scholarship, these colleges include:

Universities                           State Universities                   Out-of-State Colleges                             Community & Technology Colleges
University Santa Cruz 

University Irvine

University of La Verne

University Berkeley

University of Redlands

Azusa Pacific University

San Jose State University

Humbolt State University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Sonoma State University
Portland University, Oregon
Pacific University at Oregon
Oregon State University
Eastern Oregon University

Concordia University, Portland, Oregon
Southern Oregon State University
Willamette University, Oregon

Columbia College Chicago
Hawaii Pacific University
University North Carolina Greensboro
Marlboro College, Vermont

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
University at Puget Sound
Arizona State University 
University of Phoenix

Cabrillo College
De Anza College
Evergreen College
Foothill College
Hartnell College
West Valley College
Central Arizona Community College
College of the Siskiyous
Lake Tahoe Community College
Five Branches University
Paul Mitchell Cosmetology College
Cuesta College

Our students also enjoy the flexibility, while in high school, by engaging in concurrent enrollment at Cabrillo College, West Valley College, Foothill College, or DeAnza College.

Military Acceptance
Each year several of our charter school graduates decide to take an alternate route by enlisting in the military. Our graduates have successfully been accepted by; The Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marines. 

The Entrepreneurial/Vocational Pathway
Each year, several of our charter school graduates have chosen an entrepreneurial/vocational pathway and have successfully finished their programs in an electrician, plumber programs, construction management programs, cosmetology and esthetician programs, as well as phlebotomy school throughout California. All have successful careers.

Since our first graduating class of 2000, CRHS has graduated 314 students. A typical senior class size at Coast Redwood High School averages 15-25 students with a 100% student graduation rate.

Celebrating our 22nd Anniversary of Charter Academic Choice!

Class of 2019  (missing two graduates in this picture)

Class of 2018     

Class of 2017                    (missing 3 graduates in this picture)

Class of 2016             (missing 5 graduates in this class picture)

Class of 2015             (missing 3 graduates in this class picture)

Class of 2014              (missing 1 graduate in this class picture)

Class of 2013           (missing 2 graduates in this class picture)

Class of 2012           ( missing 3 graduates in this class picture)

Class of 2011

the 1997-2002 school years, our homeschool/independent studies program was titled "SLV High School-Home School." This title was confusing to many, so we petitioned the school board for a high school name change.

In 2003  "Coast
Redwood High School" was formally adopted with a new logo

Class of 2019 -
Class of 2018 - 12 graduates

Class of 2017 - 18 graduates
Class of 2016 - 19 graduates
Class of 2015 - 18 graduates
Class of 2014 - 16 graduates
Class of 2013 - 14 graduates
Class of 2012 - 10 graduates
Class of 2011 -   9 graduates
Class of 2010 - 12 graduates
Class of 2009 - 20 graduates
Class of 2008 - 14 graduates
Class of 2007 - 14 graduates
Class of 2006 - 11 graduates
Class of 2005 - 11 graduates
Class of 2004 - 11 graduates
Class of 2003 - 13 graduates
Class of 2002 -   6 graduates
Class of 2001 -   7 graduates
Class of 2000 -   6 graduates

   Class of 2018
Small, but mighty talented!

Coast Redwood High School Honors Students
GPA Honors, Golden Seal Merit Awards, Presidents Service Awards, CTE Awards
and Scholarship Recipients

   Having fun with their graduation caps!


Congratulations to our seniors as we wish them well as they move towards their new life destinations ~

Brynna Beddell - Paul Mitchell Cosmetology College
Jacob Burgess - Cabrillo College
Jason Erwin - Cabrillo College
Justin Erwin - Cabrillo College
* (Honors) Daniel Halberstadt - Willamette University
* (Honors) Bella Hayes - Sonoma State University
Cassie Heron - Cabrillo College
* (Honors) Myles Laurin - College of the Siskiyous
Ben Murphy - Cabrillo College
* (Honors) Harmony Perna - College of the Siskiyous
* (Honors) Portia Simmons - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Cameron Snider - Cabrillo College