About Coast Redwood High School



Prospective Students & Parents:

“Coast Redwood High School is for students with unique Interests and challenges in their lives who still want a 

rigorous high school education, but the traditional school schedule does not allow them to pursue or tend to these outside 

opportunities or challenges."


What are unique opportunities & challenges'? 

All students are unique, but that is very true at Coast Redwood. All Coast Redwood students have something else going on in their lives. 

Some have unique talents (dancing, athletics, academic pursuits, learning style, professional interests, etc.) and some have unique challenges (physical, emotional, family trauma, work, etc.) The common thread with all of our students is that the traditional school schedule (5 days/week for 7 hrs/day) prevents them from pursuing these opportunities and help for their challenges. 

This program gives parents the responsibility to directly supervise instruction, with professional guidance from a credentialed supervising and guidance teacher. The program is designed by and for homeschool families, with teacher consultants who are knowledgeable and supportive of home-based learning, state frameworks, and school district curriculum guidelines.


For those students who have demonstrated the pre-requisite skills to be successful in the independent study model

Coast Redwood High School is an option worth considering.

What are the pre-requisite skills necessary to be successful in I.S.? 

Given the limited onsite weekly instructional time (about 6 hours/week vs. 35 hours/week at traditional high schools), 

a) students need to have literacy skills and beginning levels of technology skills,

b) intrinsic motivation,

c) self-discipline & time management skills,

d) truly want to be here (not just the parents),

e) an authentic love of learning, 

f) understand the Independent Study model of (a-g and non-a-g courses) require weekly pacing, weekly assignment due dates and meeting with


g) understand the onsite (a-g and non-a-g courses) is our college model that requires weekly pacing with rigor, weekly assignments, due dates and once a month meeting with teachers.

h) parent involvement is critical as parents take the role of Learning Coach at home,

i) The successful student yearns to independently learn and participate in a pathway learning experience such as in the sciences or Humanities.

Coast Redwood is structured to be 'unstructured' so students have time to pursue their extra-curricular's. Our students are independent learners responsible for all aspects of their education with teachers & staff serving more as a mentor and colleague. Students do not have to be avid readers and writers but need basic skills given the amount of reading and writing done outside of class time. Thus, our graduates generally report having excellent literacy skills compared to their peers in college.

Speaking of college, will my child be competitive for colleges as a graduate of Coast Redwood High School? 

Yes. Our students are admitted into the same colleges and universities as our District graduates. Coast Redwood has the same SLVUSD graduation requirements and our courses have similar or the exact same 'Course of Study' and rigor. CRHS is WASC accredited. Coast Redwood students are learning and achieving the same as fellow District students, but with a 'college-model' schedule that provides evidence of their ability to be successful in college. Further, our flexible schedule allows students to pursue extra-curricular(s), and Cabrillo College courses that other students cannot. Coast Redwood graduates have the advantage of writing a unique and powerful Memoirs and an Exit Portfolio that include a 'Personal Essay' for their college applications describing their unique and rigorous high school experience.



How do classes work at Coast Redwood?

Students may elect to sign-up for an onsite class that fits their schedule and they meet once to twice a week in a small group classroom setting. Or, students may elect to enroll in our online courses and pace themselves by following the course assignments in Schoology. All students are responsible for meeting with their Supervising Teachers a minimum of once a month to turn in all (IS) assignments and discuss progress strategies.


What classes does Coast Redwood offer? 

We offer all the graduation requirements, but can only offer some electives given our small size.  Any course that we don't offer, a student may take through 'home school' or at the community college or SLV High School, if scheduling allows. In order to be considered a full-time Coast Redwood student, all students must be enrolled in at least 4 academic courses, per Board policy.

Here are the typical course loads by grade level:

Freshmen:  English, PE 1, science, math course. Additional courses may include: Foreign Language, or (1-2) electives at home school

Sophomores:  English, World History, PE 2, science, math course. Additional courses may include: Foreign Language, or electives at homeschool

Juniors:  English, science, math course, US History or history elective. Additional courses may include: (2) electives at home school

Seniors:  English, OR AP Literature, Econ/Gov't. Additional courses may include: (2) electives at home school



What supports does SLVUSD Charter provide? 

Students with IEP's and 504 plans carry them to Coast Redwood. A case manager is assigned to the student and assist the student in meeting their goals with the parent through home school. Students who struggle with time management and organization are recommended to start with homeschool to determine how successful they are in completing assignments independently.



What is the process to becoming a Coast Redwood student?  

First, discuss this possibility with your family about the above and then contact your current school counselor to discuss whether Coast Redwood will be a good academic fit worth pursuing. If so, the counselor will notify a teacher at Coast Redwood with a referral.  


Parent and student will meet with a teacher to further answer questions about Coast Redwood. Parent and student will fill out an enrollment packet as well as an application. Attached to the application are directions for the student to type a (1 page describing why they are interested in Coast Redwood HS and how their skill and personality will thrive in Coast Redwood’s one of a kind environment) and submit to our Registrar’s Office. After review, the Registrar Office will contact you to schedule an Intake appointment with a Supervising Teacher to consider enrollment.

 **Students with IEP's must start the process by thoroughly discussing Coast Redwood High School with their Case Manager.

Student and Parent Pre-Course Enrollment Requirement in Schoology

Once the student and parent completed the application and enrollment forms, returned those to the CRHS Registrar, and prior to beginning onsite courses or Independent Study courses, both student and parent will be enrolled in our two-week High School Introduction course in Schoology.

In this course, both student and parent will be tutored in all aspects of Coast Redwood High School Independent Study/Homeschool for maximum student success. Parent and student will need computer access to complete the pre-requisite for CRHS course enrollment.

What if I need additional information outside of the above and below?  Contact your current counselor to learn more, and make an appointment with a Coast Redwood HS teacher, review the CRHS website, contact a current CRHS student or graduate, and attend the Charter Information Night and Open House events. Unfortunately, we are not always able to offer formal school visits or phone calls due to the volume of requests outside of the formal referral process outlined above. We make every attempt to reach out to all inquiries.


Other information:

Another difference is that the teachers at Coast Redwood High School are not like classroom teachers. While all of them are credentialed and have taught in the classroom at one time, the Coast Redwood teachers’ role is to evaluate what the students are learning INDEPENDENTLY, to encourage the students always to stretch beyond their immediate grasp, and to assign material that will allow the students continually to expand their skills. Coast Redwood teachers are referred to as a student’s Supervising and Guidance Teacher.

Students meet with their onsite subjects’ teacher for two to four hours per week for certain advanced level courses and other electives. The supervising teacher oversees their assigned students’ semester’s master agreement and coordinates with the teachers of core subjects.

The monthly appointments or weekly hybrid classes are very important to the independent study method of instruction. Teachers use this time to evaluate student progress. Students enrolled in onsite (a-g) courses are expected to adhere to the course syllabus, expectations, and pace.

Students who need a slower pace, are experiencing unique life situations, learning styles that require a slower pace, or simply have not developed a time management system yet, are directed to follow the independent study model. Students with IEP’s/504’s will be assisted and supported by a resource teacher.

Students who miss appointments or classes without an excused absence or who come to appointments unprepared will be referred to SIS (Supervised Independent Study). Parents will receive a letter of notification if their child has been assigned to SIS, which works like a supervised study hall. SIS is intended to be a support for students who are having difficulty making the transition to the independent study mode of learning. A staff assistant is present to help students with their work. Students who fall behind in their weekly test taking may also be assigned to SIS to catch up. Students remain assigned to SIS until their teacher determines that they are ready to work independently again.

Questions by parents:
Parents who have questions about homework or anything else should either e-mail or call the teacher of the subject in question. We all have phones at our desks, but we do NOT answer the phone during student appointments or during classes. Email is the quickest communication tool for teachers.

Please check the Coast Redwood HS website. The CRHS Weekly Bulletin is emailed home every Friday and is also available on the website.


Keys to success:
We hope that learning at Coast Redwood High School will be a rewarding experience for all students who choose to attend. The information that follows is key to success for any CRHS student:

  1. Appointments: This is the student’s time to have focused attention. 
  2. Be on time. Bring completed assignments organized in a binder or folders. 
  3. Call or email early in the morning if you are ill and must be absent. All (IS) work and/or Attendance materials are due within 24 hours of any absence. Parents or a friend may drop off the work or attendance materials during the student’s appointment time or at another time by arrangement and pick up the new assignments at that same time. All assignments are posted in Schoology. Parents wishing to confer with teachers need to make appointments so as not to encroach on another student’s appointment time. 
  4. (IS) Weekly tests: Allow additional time at CRHS on your appointment day to take weekly tests in a timely manner. These are part of your learning process in independent study. Missed tests can result in lower grades and lost credit. Students who do not stay current on their test taking will be assigned to SIS to take tests. 
  5. (IS) Earning credit: Credit is based on the quantity and quality of the work you complete. Teachers will assign work and grant hours of credit based on how much work was completed and grade the quality of that work. Much of the assessment takes place through discussion between the student and the teacher at the monthly meeting. Missed appointments impact the learning process negatively. 
  6. Onsite course credit: All assignments, quizzes, and tests are embedded in each onsite class. Students will follow their course syllabus. 
  7. Weekly Assignments: Each teacher provides each student with a Schoology access code that outlines weekly assignments and pacing guides with due dates detailing the work the student is expected to complete that week. Students are to print the syllabus of each course they are enrolled. Students are expected to talk to the teacher for clarification during the week if they are unsure how to complete an assignment. Parents are required to be enrolled in Schoology as well in order to access assignments to facilitate at home during the week.
  8. A student who misses three attendance due date appointments, who receives three “zeros” in any one subject over a one month time period, or misses three onsite classes in one month, is required by the Charter Administration to have an evaluation conference to determine whether independent study is a viable learning strategy for the student or if a more structured environment is advisable. 
  9. Student Responsibility: Successful independent study relies on students taking responsibility for active involvement in their own education. This includes setting up their weekly schedule, completing assignments with parent oversite, attending appointments and classes on time, and doing their best work always. 
  10. Student Involvement: Coast Redwood High School offers a number of ways for students to get involved and to interact with other students. Classes such as Leadership and Yearbook and events such as Meeting of The Tribes, field trips, etc. allow time to build our Coast Redwood community. 
  11. Coast Redwood High School Weekly Bulletin (newsletter), service learning, workplace internships, work experience, are available to students. http://crhs.charter.slvusd.org/
  12. Concurrent Enrollment: CRHS students may take classes not offered at CRHS at San Lorenzo Valley High School on a seat availability basis, or at the local community colleges. CRHS students are encouraged to take AP courses in their junior/senior year and enroll in at least one course at Cabrillo College in their junior/senior year. Arrangements to take these courses should be made through the students Supervising/Guidance teacher at CRHS.