About Coast Redwood High School




We believe that every teen can excel both personally and academically. A Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is developed twice a year for every teen based on the Common Core, Academic Standards in addition to, on each teen's ability, interests, and aptitudes. Teens are largely responsible for their educational inquiry and pursuits.


The Home Study Program is designed for students whose parents are actively involved in their education. Parents are responsible for the day-to-day instruction of their children under the guidance and support of a credentialed teacher.

Parents have a strong sense of what they want their children to study and are actively involved in the lesson planning, instructing, and correcting of assignments for the children. Home study students, as well as their parents, have face-to-face meetings with their Supervising Teacher at least once every 20 school days for a minimum of one hour per student meeting.

During these meetings, the Supervising Teacher reviews the student's assignments, collects samples to include in the required monthly paperwork, discusses any problems or areas of concern that may have occurred during the month, and assigns, with parental input, the next month's assignments. The student's personal interests are incorporated into the assignments as well as activities and assignments that complement his/her learning style(s).


The SLVUSD Charter School employs highly qualified, state credentialed educators to work with parents and students to design and implement an individual instruction plan that fits the students' learning styles and educational goals. Student instructional plans may be designed to prepare the students to continue their education at a college of their choice or to enter the workforce.


During the early years, Coast Redwood High School, first titled as SLV High School Home School in 1997, was entirely a home-based home study (home school) program. In response to parent requests to supplement the home study program, core and enrichment classes were developed and offered to students.


Coast Redwood High School has a strong support community of;

  • Students of varying backgrounds, strengths, and challenges.
  • Parents, and supervising teacher's, dedicated to their students’ education.
  • Supervising teachers, fully credentialed under NCLB,  with years of experience helping each student to reach his or her full potential.


These fun, interactive events—in places such as local news and radio stations, museums, parks, aquariums, the shoreline, and planetariums, provide additional learning opportunities for students.



At Coast Redwood High School, students, teachers, and parent/guardian(s) who also play a role as their students Learning Coach, are all partners in the Personalized Learning Program (PLP) approach.

Together we develop an instructional plan tailored to each student’s academic abilities. We adjust the program and goals as needed to ensure the student is learning and growing at Coast Redwood High School, monitoring that plan and the student’s progress throughout the school year. Geared to each student’s success, the PLP includes;

  • Detailed Review of Student Background and Learning Styles. Teachers, parent's, and students discuss student strengths, skill deficiencies, and previous school performance. A detailed student questionnaire helps us identify individual learning styles and the most effective approaches for accommodating those styles.

  • Placement and Course Selection; Goal Setting. Using information collected during the review process, supervising teachers and assorted support staff help families select the courses most appropriate to the student’s individual academic abilities. With the academic schedule in place, teacher's and Learning Coaches then work together to set goals for the students with achievable milestones throughout the year.

  • Regular Communication. At the start of school, parents and your assigned supervising teacher(s) establish a regular communication schedule—at least once every 2 weeks—or more, depending on the needs of the student.

  • Performance Tracking. In grades 9-12, students complete the quarterly writing benchmark and math assessments to identify areas of academic strength and need. Writing Benchmarks taken each quarter, the assessments helps us modify learning goals and adapt new approaches where needed.

  • Schedule Modifications and Electives. Once the school year begins, supervising teachers help personalize the learning schedule. They inquire about the student's daily routines and make adjustments to the student's schedule as necessary.


Imagine a rigorous curriculum that leverages how, when, and where students learn best. Then integrate the most respected print and online resources, innovative instructional tools, and hands-on activities into a dynamic curriculum that engages every type of learner. And top it all off by offering a menu of high school experiences where students may participate in our district comprehensive high school theater, clubs, dances, athletics, and AP classes.

By combining rigor with flexibility, our curriculum makes success accessible to every student.

Whether college-bound or career-oriented, we make sure our students are ready for what lies beyond graduation by;

  • Providing access to qualified staff to help with post graduation plans.
  • Helping students create four-year academic plans.  
  • Guiding students as they consider college and career opportunities.


Upon completing the high school requirements of 230 credits, passage of   Math 1, completion of community service, and completion of an exit portfolio, students will receive an accredited SLVUSD Charter School diploma, as authorized by WASC, and by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Our graduation is held in an intimate setting in the redwoods, where we celebrate with a formal graduation and reception.